Terra Homage™ builds off grid in Costa Rica

The Tesla Solar Cottage (formerly Tatibah Ralos) part of the Terra Homage™ Collection by James H Klippel has been cleared for construction in Costa Rica. Jim's off-grid concept home has won numerous awards for design innovation and simplicity, most recently recognized by the AIBD winning a Grand ARDA Award for Conceptual Design in 2017. The home uses a grid radius arc system of construction that requires only a grid of stakes in the ground and a string to set the foundation forms. This process saves time and money and is more conducive to the off grid construction in remote locations. 

 The Tesla Solar Cottage | Terra Homage™ Collection | James H. Klippel Residential Designs, LLC

The Tesla Solar Cottage | Terra Homage™ Collection | James H. Klippel Residential Designs, LLC

Featuring no straight walls or 90 degree corners, The Tesla Solar Cottage is a passive solar bungalow strongly shaped like a vesica piscis that comes in at under 1000 sq feet. The roof top terrace is an organic feature that has multiple purposes. "The homes roof top terrace was envisioned as a garden-roof for fruits and vegetables, but can be covered in ground cover plants to reduce the home temperature and provide local habitat", explains Klippel. Although the home can of course be hooked to grid systems, I designed this home fully ready to go off grid as is the case with all Terra Homage™ homes. Featuring grey water systems, solar and wind power, Tesla Powerwall, and ICF forms for high thermal mass the single story home means less air to heat and cool, allowing the passive solar features to work at a high efficiency level. Follow Terra Homage on Facebook for continuing updates on the construction process!

 Jim Klippel accepts a Grand ARDA Award for The Tesla Solar Cottage conceptual design

Jim Klippel accepts a Grand ARDA Award for The Tesla Solar Cottage conceptual design


Auldbrass gets a rare second weekend of tours

In an unprecedented move, Frank Lloyd Wright's Auldbrass Plantation will open for 2 consecutive weekends in November for public tours. The newly added second weekend was recently confirmed by Auldbrass docent Jim Klippel who stated, "The demand for these tours is far greater than any of us could have ever hoped for. For us here living in the South, Auldbrass represents the only Frank Lloyd Wright home in our part of the country, and I think this is why you see such high demand from historians and architects alike to be able to catch a rare glimpse of the homesite. It is exciting to see so much interest in something all of us put so much time and thought into."  

 Auldbrass Tour 2015 

Auldbrass Tour 2015 

The Beaufort County Land Trust, in collaboration with Hollywood producer and Auldbrass homeowner Joel Silver open the Yemassee, South Carolina home for tours only one weekend every 2 years and tickets to the event are extremely limited, somewhere around 1,200 tourists get to see the home at a time. "Since I joined as a docent in 2013, we have always sold out of tickets to the tours, but nothing like what we saw this year," Klippel confirmed that the first round of 2017 tour tickets sold out in less than 1 hour and crashed the Beaufort County Land Trust's website, from the sheer amount of users accessing the website simultaneously. This led to the unprecendented second weekend of tours, to satisfy the high demand. Tickets for the second weekend will go on sale Tuesday August 22nd and may be purchased by phone ONLY, to avoid web server issues caused by too many users.

 Docent Jim Klippel leads groups on tours through the historic home

Docent Jim Klippel leads groups on tours through the historic home

Earlier this year, docent Jim Klippel gave a detailed history of the Auldbrass Plantation and it's unique place in the Frank Lloyd Wright portfolio of homes to the Lower Altamaha Historical Society. "It's one of the only Wright homesites that is completely as he intended it. It is a home complete with property that is ready for farming and all the outparcels needed for self sustaining rural life." There are plans to finish building certain outparcels that were never completed in the original construction - completing the masterpiece.

 Auldbrass Plantation

Auldbrass Plantation

To secure your ticket to the tour, call the Beaufort County Land Trust on Tuesday, August 22nd after 10 A.M. The tickets can be bought over the phone only and are on a first come first served basis and are expected to sell out yet again. The tours available are on November 11th and 12th so once you purchase your ticket make sure to book your stay for that weekend in beautiful Yemassee, SC. 

Frank Lloyd Wright Auldbrass Plantation Photo © Jim Klippel-16.jpg

Jim Klippel presents a history of Auldbrass Plantation

Atlanta based home designer and historian Jim Klippel visited Fort King George historical site to give a presentation to the Lower Altamaha Historical Society on Frank Lloyd Wright's famous Aulbrass Plantation located in Yemassee, SC. Jim discussed the architectural history of the coastal south and how Wright incorporated southern lifestyle into the Plantation, the only FLLW home built in the state.  

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Sister Structure of Mantyla Purchased

The "sister structure" of Mantyla house is purchased for local tennants and will remain open for business. http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/news/4126163-cloquets-frank-lloyd-wright-gas-station-be-sold

The only Frank Lloyd Wright Gas station now has a sister. The Pearce-Arrow museum has constructed under the approval of the FLLW Foundation an exact non-functioning service station inside the Museum. http://www.pierce-arrow.com/frank-lloyd-wright-filling-station

Broadacre Conservancy Foundation Mission Statement Mäntylä House

 The Broadacre Conservancy is dedicated to facilitating the historical documentation, securing, restoring, and preserving or rebuilding of the architecture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and its’ genre: known as “Organic” or “Natural" architecture. In addition, the Conservancy also maintains the associated artifacts, provenance and the surrounding land trust environment-parks and easements of the architecture.

Purpose: To Secure the architects vision of physical structures within context to the philosophies of the author. Preserving the essence of the original scale, “fabric” in a natural setting which supports the vision of the artist, architect.

Goals: To provide for the present and future enrichment of the individual, communities through the experiences, journeyman work, and study of the “Living Arts”.  To maintain for our future the architectural history, beauty, natural land, water settings, gardens, and wildlife habitat for the betterment of our cultural heritage, humankind and natural world. 

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Foundation Park A:

General overview description:

Mäntylä, also know as the R. W. Lindholm House was designed in 1952 by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in 1953-4. The name given to the home is Finnish for "Pinetree house", Manty-Talo or “house of the Pines”. The structure is a CMU, Cypress board, Glass, and Concrete “Usionion design” of approximately 2300 conditioned space on one level.